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High Quality Chip for Biomass and CHP Boilers

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High Quality Chip for Biomass and CHP Boilers

Posted: 26th June 2017

Tayside Forestry can help you improve your renewable energy returns. We are now registered suppliers of woodchip for biomass and CHP boilers and are registered on the Biomass Supplier List (BSL 0541504-0001).

Initially we intended to produce chip for our own consumption. However, after supplying a couple of neighbouring farms with chip, they were impressed with the improved performance obtained and wanted a regular supply.

Locally Sourced

We source our virgin round wood timber from sustainable woodlands in Tayside as near as possible to our base at Templeton Christmas Tree Farm. By ensuring that the timber travels minimal distances from source to depot we minimise our environmental impact.

Chip Quality

We understand that a quality dried wood chip product can maximise boiler efficiency and economy. We use a high capacity chipper to convert our virgin round wood into a premium grade product with a consistent chip size to industry standards G30 to G50. We use a spruce larch mix as they are very high in calorific value giving over 4000 kWh per tonne when dried to a low moisture level.

Moisture Content

The BS EN 14961 specification for chip requires a sub 25% moisture content. To arrive at such a low moisture content virgin timber chip needs to be dried by a more robust process than simple air drying over time. After processing we use the heat generated by our 500kW biomass boiler linked to two drying floors to dry our chip to a moisture content of below 22%. We have a further two boilers coming on stream shortly and due to increased demand for our chip we are installing an additional 60m3 drying floor.

We know what’s best for your boiler.

We are constantly looking at ways of improving the quality of our chip to optimise the returns we are achieving from our biomass and CHP boilers. We know that dry wood chip, a consistent chip size and a high calorific value, enable biomass boilers to function precisely as they were designed. We take extra care screening our chip to a uniform a size to ensure the best possible combustion.

How to order wood chip

We are happy to share our biomass experiences, good and bad, with like-minded farmers or rural business owners We are here to help you optimise generation and get great returns from your renewable energy initiatives.

To discuss your requirements, please email brian@taysideforestry.co.uk or call 01382 581521


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