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Why Buy Logs in Summer?

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Why Buy Logs in Summer?

Posted: 10th August 2016

There are so many reasons why it is a no brainer to stock up on firewood in the summer:

You will have logs to use in your chiminea or firepit for those long summer evenings in the garden.

Because the weather is going to be better, you have less pressure to stack the logs on the same day as delivery. Take your time over a few days.

Firewood suppliers are quieter in summer and often lower their prices. It makes sense to take advantage of these discounts and save on your winter fuel bills.

In summer there are also lot more daylight hours. You can do a bit of stacking when you get home from work rather than having the job eat into your weekend.

Once you have stocked up, you can sit back smug, knowing that you have enough logs to keep you cosy all winter.

Allowing your logs to season for even longer will mean that the chimney is less likely to tar up as they burn cleaner.

Stacking logs on a cold wet winter’s day is no fun. Buying in summer means that you will hopefully have some nice dry weather to get the job done.

Buying early your logs will have a few more months to season and you will have logs that have lower moisture content. This means that less wood is required to build an effective fire and that the fire will give off more heat in less time!

There’s no need for a panic phone call to get them delivered and no additional next day delivery charges.

Just think of the pleasure you’re going to get admiring your beautifully stacked log pile for even longer!

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