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Tips on Stacking Firewood

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Tips on Stacking Firewood

Posted: 4th October 2016

In Scotland, where winters are long and cold, there no better feeling than standing back and admiring a big stack of well-seasoned firewood, knowing that you are going to be cosy whatever the weather.

If firewood is one of your main sources of heat, the urge to ‘get the logs in’ kicks in as soon as the leaves begin to turn and the swallows gather on the wires. What is the best way to store firewood though?

Leaving your firewood in a heap on the ground the rain and simply throwing a tarpaulin over them isn’t ideal. The logs will draw up moisture from the ground and the damp will soak into the cut ends. It will also restrict airflow across the top of the stack and in warmer weather could lead to sweating and mould growth.

Ideally you want to get your logs up off the ground. A pallet can provide a really economical way to do this. If you are investing in a log store, make sure that all the sides of the store are slatted to allow good airflow throughout the stack of logs.

There is an art and indeed some science and to stacking firewood. The science part is that logs need to be stacked in such a way that you allow for plenty of airflow around them. Stacking them loosely means that your logs will continue to dry and season. If you stack them too neatly and tightly your logs will not season and dry as well.  As for the art of log stacking .... this is restricted only by your imagination....


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