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Semi - Seasoned Logs – The Best Value Logs on the Market

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Semi - Seasoned Logs – The Best Value Logs on the Market    image

Semi - Seasoned Logs – The Best Value Logs on the Market

Posted: 4th July 2017

How would you like to sit back and enjoy your open fire or wood burner all winter, knowing that you are burning the best value wood available?

The secret is to buy your wood in summer, unseasoned. By storing them well you can season and dry your logs in time for the cold weather.

What is the difference between a seasoned and an unseasoned log?

Unseasoned or green logs are logs that the log have been freshly cut and will require further seasoning before burning. They will have a high moisture content. Seasoned logs on the other hand have been cut and stored for a long period of time. Whilst seasoning the moisture contained in the wood evaporates off into the atmosphere. Because of the lower moisture content seasoned logs will burn hotter and more efficiently than unseasoned logs

How do I season logs?

The ideal way to season wood is to raise them off the ground, on some old pallets and leave then in a heap in a dry barn or outbuilding. This allows the air to circulate around them and being raised, they won’t absorb moisture from the ground. A corner of a garage would work equally well or failing that your log store itself. We store our logs in old potato boxes. You will see them stacked high if your visit the farm. We have cut extra holes into the sides to ensure good ventilation and air drying from the wind. You might like to try something similar.

Whichever way you chose to store your unseasoned logs, please resist from stacking of your logs until they are dry. If you have a tendency towards OCD, enlist some help, as stacking your logs into a neat log pile can be a recipe for disaster at this stage. The air won’t be able to circulate around the logs and you might get a covering of white mould that creeps across your beautiful stack while your back is turned!

How long should I season my logs?

Seasoning logs requires a good measure of patience, but the actual time varies from species to species. It is also dependent on when the trees were felled. Trees felled in winter before the sap starts to rise in the spring will be dryer. Different species of tree will dry at different speeds. Softwoods such as pine and spruce will provide dry firewood quickly. Hardwoods such as ash and sycamore are also quick to dry. Denser woods such as oak, beech and apple will take much longer.

When can I buy unseasoned logs?

We offer semi-seasoned logs for sale from May through to the end of August.


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