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We Are Now Selling Sawdust

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We Are Now Selling Sawdust

Posted: 21st October 2016

We have had loads of enquiries in recent weeks about whether we are able to sell our sawdust. Horse owners seem to like the quality of it for bedding.

We are happy to let you know now that yes we can supply it. We have installed a drying floor that is fed from our new biomass boiler and we are able to get the sawdust nice and dry.

We can supply you in 0.6m3 bulk bags for just £20. We are very eco-friendly here so if you can return with your empty bags we can refill it for just £15. A bulk bag is probably the equivalent of about four regular bales.

The bags can be collected Monday to Friday for now from 9am till 5pm. If you can give us a call on 01382 581521 before you visit we can make sure we will have someone there to help load your trailer or horsebox. 


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