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  • Firewood Pricelist

    Firewood Pricelist

    Posted: 3rd February 2020

    Save on your winter fuel bills and fill your wood shed with seasoned logs ahead of the winter rush at a great price. We have a plenty of stock and the moisture content is really low and the logs are...

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  • Semi - Seasoned Logs – The Best Value Logs on the Market

    Semi - Seasoned Logs – The Best Value Logs on the Market

    Posted: 4th July 2017

    How would you like to sit back and enjoy your open fire or wood burner all winter, knowing that you are burning the best value wood available?

    The secret is to buy your wood in summer, unseasoned....

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  • High Quality Chip for Biomass and CHP Boilers

    High Quality Chip for Biomass and CHP Boilers

    Posted: 26th June 2017

    Tayside Forestry can help you improve your renewable energy returns. We are now registered suppliers of woodchip for biomass and CHP boilers and are registered on the Biomass Supplier List (BSL 0541504-0001).


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  • Firewood for Fire Walking!

    Firewood for Fire Walking!

    Posted: 2nd June 2017

    We had an interesting firewood order recently. Could we supply birch or pine logs for a fire walk? The customer was specifically looking for birch or pine logs. Seemingly there are only certain species...

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  • Where Should I Buy My Firewood?

    Where Should I Buy My Firewood?

    Posted: 8th November 2016

    Have you just installed a new wood burner? Are you confused about what type of wood you should be buying and where is the best place to purchase it from?

    In this blog I thought I would help demystify...

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  • Kiln Logs v Air Dried Logs?

    Kiln Logs v Air Dried Logs?

    Posted: 7th November 2016

    So why do kiln dried logs cost more than air dried logs? Well quite simply, kiln dried means that the logs have been stacked into crates and put into a kiln. The kiln then heats the logs to reduce...

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  • Hardwood v Softwood Logs

    Hardwood v Softwood Logs

    Posted: 4th November 2016

    There are two types of firewood logs, hardwood and softwood. These names however do not refer to the properties of the wood, as some softwood logs can be hard and some hardwood logs can be soft!


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  • Halloween & Bonfire Parties

    Halloween & Bonfire Parties

    Posted: 21st October 2016

    Are you planning a party for Halloween or Bonfire Night and thinking of getting the chimnea or fire pit going? Tayside Forestry can now supply you with small firewood logs that will get your fire burning...

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  • We Are Now Selling Sawdust

    We Are Now Selling Sawdust

    Posted: 21st October 2016

    We have had loads of enquiries in recent weeks about whether we are able to sell our sawdust. Horse owners seem to like the quality of it for bedding.

    We are happy to let you know now that yes...

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  • Tips on Stacking Firewood

    Tips on Stacking Firewood

    Posted: 4th October 2016

    In Scotland, where winters are long and cold, there no better feeling than standing back and admiring a big stack of well-seasoned firewood, knowing that you are going to be cosy whatever the weather.


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  • Why Buy Logs in Summer?

    Why Buy Logs in Summer?

    Posted: 10th August 2016

    There are so many reasons why it is a no brainer to stock up on firewood in the summer:

    You will have logs to use in your chiminea or firepit for those long summer evenings in the garden.

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