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Firewood Delivery UK

We have two different systems for bulk delivering to your home

  • Local Delivery

    Throughout Angus, Perthshire and Fife

    Local Deliveries of bulk bags are done using our own lorry with a crane and our own driver.

    This approach avoids dropping individual logs from a trailer with the inevitable spreading of bark onto your driveway. Delivery is free within a 15 mile radius of Tayside Forestry.

    For pricing or to make an order call 01382 581521 or email firewood@taysideforestry.co.uk

  • National Deliveries

    Throughout Mainland UK

    National Deliveries are done using our third party national carrier and with a tail lift lorry delivery to kerbside.

    On the day of delivery your order will be delivered on a pallet by a lorry with a tail lift at the rear. The pallet is moved with a pallet trolley from the tail lift platform onto the ground. Providing the surface is hard and flat, such as concrete, the driver will be able to move the pallet a short distance, such as into your garage. Palletised delivery is officially a 'kerbside' service.


  • Delivery to the Kerb-side

    What Does this Mean?

    The definition of “Kerb-side” is: the nearest point where goods can be unloaded safely, without causing an obstruction, for you to check the quantity and quality of goods, and sign the delivery note to accept or refuse the delivery.  It is your responsibility to transport your purchase from the kerb-side to their final destination.  

    For home deliveries transit ends at the kerb-side or on a drive way, when goods are unloaded from the vehicle. Our carrier is not insured to assist you in relocating the goods elsewhere, e.g. inside the house, garage or ‘round the back’, etc. 

    For deliveries to business / commercial addresses: the kerb-side is defined as the normal delivery point; this could be a Yard, Loading-bay, Goods-inwards department or Reception etc.


  • Our Terms & Conditions

    In making a purchase from Tayside Forestry, you are confirming that none of the following dangerous or impractical situations will be met on delivery:

    a) Situations which there is no flat surface to land the pallet, such as soft ground such as grass, gravel, or soil
    b) Premises where it is illegal for a lorry to park or offload
    c) Where the surface of the access road is very unstable, soft or muddy
    d) Where the access road is on an incline greater than 10 degrees
    e) Where the access road does not provide 10 feet (3.05m) width clearance and 14 feet (4.27m) vertical clearance

    Our drivers will always try their hardest to unload your purchase. However under any of the above circumstances it may not be possible. We therefore explicitly reserve the right to refuse delivery in circumstances which are dangerous or impractical. 

    In making a purchase you are accepting these Terms and Conditions and agree to take full responsibility for ensuring that these conditions are not present at the location you have specified for delivery. If we arrive at the specified address and face one of the conditions above, the driver may decide to terminate the delivery.