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Firewood FAQs

Some of the common questions we are asked by customers.

What size logs can I buy?

We cut all logs to 10” / 25cm which we find works best in the majority of stoves. If you have your own size requirement please contact us and we can cut to order.

How much firewood will I need per winter?

This is a popular question and there are many variants to consider in the answer. For example, quality of wood, stove efficiency, house insulation etc. However, we find if you have an efficient stove and use our dry seasoned hardwood logs you will be burning between 3-4 cubic metres per season. If using wetter low grade timber you can expect to use double.

What type of wood? Soft, hard or a combination?

We would recommend hardwood logs for open fires as they are less sparky and burn longer. If you have a woodburning stove we would recommend a mixed load of soft and hardwood. Softwood is particularly useful for starting a fire and produces a strong flame, whereas the advantage of hardwood lies in the fact that it burns longer.

Why burn seasoned wood?

Burning seasoned firewood allows the heat to be radiated from the log in a much shorter time which means less wood is required to build an effective fire and that the fire will give off more heat in less time! Seasoned wood will also mean that the chimney is less likely to tar up as they burn cleaner.

How long should firewood season for?

There is no set time for good seasoning of firewood. This is due to different species and conditions. For example, if wood is left in the forest in round form it hardly ever dries down. The best way is to split it up into firewood and air dry undercover. This will result in the moisture content dropping and becoming ‘seasoned’. This is when we sell it.

How dry are seasoned firewood logs?

Our seasoned logs are guaranteed to be below 20% moisture content and in most cases can be much lower.

How much does your wood weigh?

You should never buy firewood by weight, as the wetter the wood the more it weighs and the dryer the wood the more energy you get out of it. Therefore we sell by volume. We sell by the loose Cubic Metre (M³).

Why should I burn firewood?

Firewood is an environmentally friendly source of fuel & also an increasingly cost effective way to heat your home. Using renewable energy such as firewood from well managed woods not only reduces carbon emissions particularly when compared to fossil fuel, such as coal or oil, but also helps to improve conditions for wildlife through sustainable land management.