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Wholesale Firewood

Supplying wholesale firewood and kindling throughout the UK.

  • Firewood & Kindling

    Locally & Sustainable Sourced

    Over 95% of our business is with wholesale customers including major retail chains and independent garden centres throughout the UK.

    Unlike other companies that import wood from a wide range of producers, at Tayside Forestry we produce our own products.

    We work in partnership with a local company harvesting both hardwood and softwood from within a fifty mile radius of Tayside Forestry. Thereafter we process the logs to ensure we are providing quality dry logs with low moisture content of below 20%.


  • We are able to maintain stock levels of firewood throughout the year thanks to our large scale firewood processing plant. It is capable of producing more than 600m3 of firewood logs per month. 

    We provide our customers with full truckloads of quality hardwood and softwood logs and can supply our products in wrapped pallets, bulk bags or net bags. We have one of the largest supplies of bulk firewood available in the UK and have built up a large customer base of retailers across the UK over the years.

    Because of the large quantities that we purchase annually, we are able to obtain considerably discounted prices, and we pass these savings directly to our customers. Call us on 01382 581521 or email firewood@taysideforestry.co.uk and let us know your requirements. We would be happy to help.